Am I restricted to standard sizes?

All buildings are custom made to each customer's requirement and budget. It is our job as building consultants to assist you in choosing the design that fits your needs as well as your budget. Keep in mind that certain building sizes will be more cost effective than others, depending on climatic conditions.

Can my building be designed to meet the ASRAE / NECB SB-10 National Energy Code Standards?

In 2007, Canada and the United States introduced new energy code standards for specific building applications. Over the years Steelway Building Systems in conjunction with Morrison Hershfield Engineering has come up with a number of proven roof and wall assemblies that will meet or surpass SB-10 building code requirements. It is imperative that the customer or their engineer of record confirm if their building application must meet SB-10 Energy Code Standards prior to ordering their building.

Are there any size limitations?

Very few.
Building widths will range from 10' to 300' wide clearspan. Wider with interior columns
Building height will range from 8' to 80' at the eaves.
Roof pitch from 1/4 / 12 to 12/12.
Virtually any length.

What colours are available?


What designs and options are available with Span-Tech buildings?

Crane capacity as well as cranes available upon request.
Screw down roof or standing seam roof system.
All wall framed openings as well as roof curbs.
Multi-Span or clearspan.
Gable or single slope roof design.
Symmetrical and non-symmetrical roof lines.
Free standing or additions onto existing buildings.
Vinyl backed insulation + interior liner panels, both roof and walls.
Translucent polycarbonate wall panels.
Design details ready to accept optional architectural wall covering. ie: brick, block, stucco, wood paneling, pre-cast concrete etc.

Will Span-Tech buildings meet all Provincial and Canadian codes?

All of our factory's engineers are licensed in all provinces across Canada. Our buildings meet all building codes including the new CWB-A660 certifications. It is our company policy to design all buildings to a full commercial rating. All buildings come with complete engineered stamped structural drawings, CSSBI certificates and CSA-A660 certifications.

What type of foundation is required?

Span-Tech buildings will accept a variety of foundations, from simple concrete pilons to full foundations to floating slabs. The building will be bolted to the foundation by anchor blots embedded in the concrete. The foundation you choose will depend on your soil conditions, your application and your budget. We suggest you contact a qualified foundation engineer or general contractor to discuss your options.

Does Span-Tech ship outside of Canada?

Yes, Our buildings can be designed to fit 40' open top containers and shipped virtually anywhere in the world. Our supplier currently has shipped to 28 countries around the world.


All raw materials being used for exterior cladding is supplied by Dofasco. Dofasco offers a 30 year performance guarantee against rust perforation on both painted and non-painted steel.

Why pre-engineered steel buildings as opposed to wood frame or flat roof conventional?

All steel pre-engineered building are virtually maintenance free. They have greater strength than wood framed buildings and more available options.
With a sloped roof you do not have to worry about ponding rain water, snow or ice as seen on flat roof conventional buildings, culminating in expensive re-roofing costs in 10 to 20 years.

Can Span-Tech buildings be designed with crane capacity?

Yes, Our buildings can be designed to carry both mono-rails and bridge cranes up to 75 tonnes. Approximately 20% of all the buildings we supply are equipped with capacity to carry cranes.

Delivery time

Building delivery will vary depending on time of year and complexity of the building design. Most simple design buildings can be manufactured in 6 - 8 weeks with more complex buildings designs taking 10 - 14 weeks.

Does the Span-Tech building come with erecting instructions?

Approximately two weeks prior to the building arriving on site, full sets of erection drawings are emailed to our clients to ensure they have plenty of time to look them over. Should you have any questions at that time our technical staff is happy to help out.

Why Span-Tech?

Span-Tech supplies only the highest quality pre-engineered steel buildings available in North America. Our reputation is based on giving our customer the best service possible, listening to our customers needs and paying attention to the smallest detail.
Span-Tech comes with 26 years experience and over 1,000 successful projects.

Common Applications
  • Airplane hangars
  • Warehouses
  • Churches
  • Equestrian arenas
  • Industrial projects
  • Recycling plants
  • Hockey arenas
  • Commercial applications
  • Mini-Storage
  • Trucking depots
  • Retail outlets
  • Boat storage
  • Repair shops
  • Mining and lumber applications
  • Machine shops
  • Marinas
  • Automotive dealerships
  • Livestock
  • Indoor soccer facility
  • Landscaping and excavating business
  • Nurseries
  • Bus depots
  • Water treatment plants
  • Agricultural